6 of the Best Kitchen Layouts for your next Dream Kitchen


This kitchen layout is also referred to as I shaped Kitchen or Pullman Kitchen. In this type of kitchen all the appliances, cabinets, and counter spaces are positioned along with one wall. These kitchens are ideal for a small home and studio apartments as it saves space. Also, all the appliances and necessary items available in the kitchen are within reach due to the small size and traditional appliances’ requirements.

Also known as corridor style kitchen is an essential kitchen in a hallway. This Walkthrough Kitchen is characterized by two walls opposite to each other with a walkway between them or two parallel countertops with one cabin to the wall and an island that create the second gulley. This is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts ideals for smaller spaces. The best thing about these kitchens is they use every square inch of space in the kitchen with no troublesome corner cabinets. This kitchen layout is so popular efficient making it primary layout choice for most of the restaurants. The Gallery kitchen is perfect for people who want to stay organized and optimized.

L shaped Kitchen

The L shaped kitchen is precisely what its name implies. In other words, this is a corner kitchen. With L shaped layout Kitchen traffic is eliminated. This Versatile kitchen typically involves one main wall of cabinets and sink arranged perpendicularly on a short wall forming an “L”. It is a smart design for small and medium-sized kitchens. The legs of the “L” can be long as you want but should not keep less than 12 to 15 feet that will allow you to use efficiently use the kitchen space and also, you can multiple work zones within this kitchen. You can add an Island to improve the functioning if you have a large kitchen size.

U Shaped Kitchen

The U shaped kitchen also referred to as horseshoe kitchen is a fairly modern concept that has evolved over time as the kitchen area storage need has increased. This kitchen design is like a glorified gallery kitchen with one end closed. The U shaped kitchen layout has three walls of cabinets or appliances. The biggest advantage of having a U shaped kitchen is that it provides a lot of space for cabinets as it covered three of four walls in the kitchen. This type of kitchen also connects the rest of the home by keeping one side open. The U shaped kitchen require large space area which offers enough space for regular movements. These kitchens are ideal for 2-3 cooks working at the same time.

Island Kitchen 

The Island is probably the most common and popular working space in the kitchen. A working kitchen island may include appliances and cabinets for storage and it always adds additional workspace to a kitchen and provide a space to have a meal with stool, to prepare food with a sink and with storage cabinets underneath. You can customize an island with a single wall kitchen or U shape kitchen or even with L shape Kitchen. These Kitchens are Ideal for large space and allows space for regular movement in the kitchen and also helps in socializing with the family.


The Peninsula kitchen or G shaped kitchen is basically a connected island converting an “L” shaped layout into horseshoe layout or converting a horseshoe layout into a G shape design which provides an ample amount space for kitchen cabinets which leads to efficient functionality and kitchen workflow. These kitchens do not have enough space for a true island. Peninsula kitchens offer all the same benefits of an island more counter space. It provides additional space for storage and socializing within the kitchen. 

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