10 Kitchen design mistakes for everyone to avoid

Designing a kitchen may seem like an easy task. But trust me, it is not. The kitchen is the most important element in the house. So one must make sure that the layout is perfect and choose appropriate places for placing things from its entrance to each and every corner. So are you looking for remodeling or constructing a new kitchen? If yes, make sure these kitchen design mistakes are avoided.

Enlisted are some kitchen design mistakes to avoid:

Inappropriate light placement

A simple kitchen design mistake that everyone can avoid. Placing lights on wrong locations can lead you to end up working in shadows and darkness. So, make sure you place lights on positions where the kitchen traffic is high such as above stove, countertops, and cleaning area.

Not just this, make sure the lights shine enough and are not just for show. As in the case for pendant lights that are beautiful but throw minimal lights. Pay attention to functionality rather than focusing on aesthetics. 

Advice from an expert

Since today’s generation believes that google provides all the answers to their doubts. Well, you are definitely wrong on this one. Advice from an expert is an important essential. You won’t imagine the insurmountable mistakes you will get over with. Since kitchen designing makes you lose big money from your pocket for its construction. So paying a little more money for an expert who will guide you the right way is not a bad option.   

Excess space for kitchen island

The busiest place in the kitchen. So make sure you make optimum utilization of the area. The kitchen island is essential only when you have enough space in the room. So if you have a small kitchen space, a large kitchen island is unnecessary. Another blunder is setting the island on the wrong position. It can surely block traffic flow creating unnecessary working trouble. 

Limited power switches

With the expansion of usage of technology and desire to make various cuisines at home. A lot of appliances have bombarded the market. And the desire to buy them is no less. So pay attention to installing extra power switches for appliances that are lesser-used. Not just this, a proper consideration of the placement of switches should be given. Switches on unnecessary locations are the same as not having them at all. Though this is a small requirement one which should not be missed.    

Poorly positioned stove and sink

The space between the kitchen and stove is the main food preparation area. Make sure there is enough space between the two. As one place is where all the cleaning happens and the other is for cooking. Remember placing a decent counter space between the two and avoid this kitchen layout mistake. 

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Limited or excess space for appliances

Planning is a basic essential requirement for kitchen development. So make sure you decide what appliances you are going to fit in and of what size. You should leave spacing according to the size of the appliances. As you do not desire to leave extra waste space in your kitchen. 

Some people even do blunder by not leaving space for the appliances and just place them on countertops or tables. This is even a bigger disaster as this makes your kitchen look clumsy and unsystematic

Improper setting of wardrobes and drawers

Kitchen, a place where every space given to it is less. Wardrobes and drawers are spaces that are open and closed on a regular basis. They occupy the maximum kitchen essentials. So everyone must remember, that its placement is supreme importance as they can end up blocking walkways and doorways when opened. Be sure that you avoid this kitchen design mistake.

Unserviceable kitchen

The key ingredient to remember if you want to avoid kitchen design mistakes. A serviceable kitchen. Make sure the fridge, stove, sink, and all other appliances are on practical locations. It becomes easier to work rather than frustrating when you have an easy and accessible kitchen. It is better to plan your kitchen layout giving proper consideration. As the last thing, you wish for is hearing the fridge and drawers banging each other whenever you open it.

Disregarding vertical spaces

Space! Space! Space! What if I tell you a way where you can increase your kitchen space without increasing the area. You can use the vertical spaces of your kitchen by placing high top counters on your wall. These can be used to place things that are of less importance to the highest point and adding a foldable staircase for easy access to reach them.   

Ignoring drainage and plumbing system

Who wants a kitchen to be all greasy, stained, and unhygienic. Always remember to have a proper drainage system and build it practically. As remodeling and changing plumbing can be costly. Better give it a thought first rather than executing. Also, remember to have a dustbin that keeps the foul smell at bay. Make sure you take care of the environment and try separating recyclable waste. 

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