Galvanise yourself by the 90s Kitchen Trends

The ’90s did not get us just new technology or an introduction to the internet or the popular grunge look. Though the time doesn’t seem to be too far in the past, still it inspires us with amazing kitchen ideas and concepts that we can’t get over with and we loved them then and we love them now too. So loosen up your pockets and get inspired with these 90’s kitchen style and make one of your own.

The best thing is that these kitchen styles are not total goners and can be revived back anytime. Those vintage style cutlery, chandelier, wooden space have always won the heart of the people and gives them a feeling of royalty. 

All-white kitchens

The biggest comeback from the 90s is the all-white kitchen. The bright white cabinets, appliances, and windows are back in trend. This clean look is still a top choice in a modern-day kitchen. They still give a stylish and modern look. It is the best way to get into the vintage spectrum.  

The wooden trend

The shining wood is never felt out-dated. It is okay to move from those greys and pastels and opt for the dark wooden kitchen. The dark Tuscan brown trend and ebony floors that dominated the 90s can still give you a present-day look.

Rearward to backsplashes and counters

This trend is seen gaining momentum in 2020. Those dark contrasting marble counters and custom cabinets along with back splashes can span the entire wall.  Those vintage-inspired u-shaped kitchens with panel cabinets, soapstone counter tops, stainless steel appliances look not only unfussy and simple but give you ample amount of space.

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Classic fabrics and patterns

Plenty of fabrics and patterns like bark cloth, brocade, and damask and the glossy look of vinyl are making a big comeback from the 90s. Other prints that make you remember those old school prints are starbursts, tropical florals, and funky atomic patterns. These authentic fabrics won’t feel regretful over those modern marble wallpapers or those new bright paints.

The brass fixtures

Trends may come and go and then come again. Brass is one of them. These can be seen from bathrooms to bedrooms but looks the best when spotlighted in the kitchen with an all-white and neutral surrounding. Weaving in appliances, faucets, and lights this is the trend that pops back after every two or three decades and which will never get old. 

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