Modern Kitchen Lighting Guide

Gone are the days when every Indian kitchen would include a single tube light, and you would consider your task done! Now, designers leave no stone unturned to well-lit the kitchen in all the right spots considering every intricate custom detail. From ensuring visibility in working areas for practical purposes to illuminating focal points, use of Led lighting, and to evolving function, design, and aesthetics into a new age, modern designers have come a long way to creating a perfect kitchen lighting.

Modern kitchen lighting has a lot of health benefits, can influence your mood and atmosphere in a room. So, you must understand the effects and stay in depth of all avenues of kitchen lighting depending on what kind of ambiance you wish to create. Are you in a dilemma about where to get assistance with your kitchen lighting designs?

Are you looking for advice on what kitchen lighting ideas would best suit you and your lifestyle? Here’s our guide to kitchen lighting ideas to illuminate your kitchen perfectly. You can even decorate your kitchen without too many fancy kitchen light fixtures. Look how:

1. Pendants

A majority of the people are living with the assumption that pendant lights are going out of style. The fact is, they are, but that’s the beauty of pendant lights. While particular designs, styles, shapes may go out of style, there will still be no limit to browse through a large number of different new designs. Take an example of the chandelier. It has been in existence for hundreds of years as a form of quality lighting equipment but has not lost its charm and is still the most preferred choice for defined spaces.

Another best advantage pendant light fixtures throw is that while installing them to your kitchen or dining area, you can save space. You can keep your work area uncluttered, ultimately making your kitchen or dining a more functional space to work.

For modern and minimalist kitchen interiors, pendant lights with metallic structure and glass, paper, or cotton lampshades are perfect. As their length is adjustable, you possess the freedom to use them anywhere. However, while choosing such lighting equipment, keep in mind that they must have a decent length for them to look as they are, look good. If pendants have a short cord, they may look clumsy, and you may regret later choosing such equipment.

Pendant lights are perfect and justifiable to add a touch of elegance to your place! Don’t miss out!

2. Under Cabinet Lights

Your kitchen countertop is a place where you spend most of your time when compared to other areas. Hence this area must be perfectly lit. With modernization, the trend for LED under cabinet lights in the kitchen is at its highest peak. Under-cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen and are an essential component of any kitchen design.

They provide ambient, soft lighting, as well as task lighting for food preparation, cooking, and reading recipes. You must plan electrical points in your kitchen in a proper manner to install LED under cabinet lights. For that, the best place to install it at the front to avoid shadows and obtain maximal lighting on the worktop. These types of lighting styles are useful if you want additional lighting in the kitchen to prepare food.

3. General Lighting

An absolute must is general lighting. General lighting is the ceiling lighting powerful enough to illuminate the entire kitchen area. These lights uniformly light up the kitchen, no matter big or small. They work best when recessed in the ceiling without any obstructive object like a hanging light, overhead storage, or a fan in their radius. Though general lighting alone is insufficient, it can act as a base and provide an elegant touch to your kitchen lighting.

4. LED Lighting

Thanks to the development of LEDs, nowadays, you can choose from a variety of lighting tones and colors. Cool white bulbs can transform the ambiance and atmosphere of your kitchen. All is you have to pick the right mood and kitchen colors, styles to work best with and complement other light types in every way. Earlier, your quintessential tube light did it all for you, but the introduction of LED for kitchen lighting makes the options much more sophisticated now.

So if you crib about not getting enough light while cooking in your kitchen and if your kitchen looks like a dungeon, then ignorance is no longer bliss. Light up your kitchen with these necessary fixtures, and be in awe with the difference they make. You can even round out all your lighting with decorative accent lights, ensuring each layer to work together in perfect lighting harmony. Overall, it is to get you a kitchen of your choice, comfort, and passion. Go for it, and you’ll love it!

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