Brand Feature: Colston Bathware

First Design Centre in the Heart of Mumbai

                                                                 Colston Company Profile

Established in the year 2000, Colston is the market leader in introducing luxury bathroom Products in India. It has created a prominent image for itself in the field of bathroom interiors by offering a wide range of novel products and services. With its focus on innovation in the bathing segment, Colston aims to create an inspiration that the world will follow.

Colston is a future-forward company that constantly looks to innovate on an existing design and adopt new technology and concepts into their product range. Their creation process focuses on working with clients to offer complete bathroom solutions through their 8 extensive product lines and strong after-sales service network. They have worked with a wide range of prestigious clients, many of whom have become long term customers due to the exceptional all-around experience offered by Colston.

Colston brings over two decades of expertise to the wellness and bath sector. Together, Colston products offer a cutting edge over other bath ware products in the market, which has made it one of the most trusted bathware brands across the country.

Colston currently offers eight product lines – 


                                                                 A Legacy Of Trust

Colston positions itself as an innovative and trusted brand, built on its two decades of operation. It identifies itself as a brand that offers superior quality, better service and a wide range to understand the needs of the consumer.


Innovation is one of the most important aspects of Colston’s identity and messaging, as it offers an extensive range of high tech bathroom fittings that surpass competitors and offer more amenities.


The key philosophy of the company is to provide consumers with value for money. The core philosophy of the company is built on 3 pillars – high quality, effective innovation, and consumer-focused values.

Through its range of products, Colston seeks to create a new standard of luxury bathing and delivers the highest levels of quality, consistency and satisfaction to its consumers.

                                                                      Design and Quality

Colston products offer world-class design and quality, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Colston has constantly prioritised advancing the design of its products, with close attention to the needs of consumers, as well as being the first Indian brand to pioneer new technologies and wellness features.


Colston uses cutting edge technology and features in its products. Colston has pioneered luxury technology like Vitamin Bath Shower, Scottish Shower, 3D circulative opposite hydro-massage, Large led ceiling shower with Chromotherapy, Chemical-free micro-nano bubble skincare system, etc.

                                                     Post-Event Press Release – Colston Launch


Colston Bath and Spa unveils first Design Centre in the heart of Mumbai amidst a star-studded launch event at an experiential design centre


Luxury bathware brand Colston held the launch of their brand new Design centre in Lower Parel, Mumbai on 24th, 25th and 26th September. This launch marked the inauguration of Colston’s first showroom in Mumbai, and second all over the country, after their Flagship Live Centre in New Delhi.

The event featured some of Colston’s latest product designs and the launch of their De Banos series collection. The Design Centre itself featured an expansive floor plan showcasing eight different Bathroom Design lounges, each of which displayed operational models of new Colston products and technologies. Each environment was constructed as a standalone experiential space for visitors to explore up close.

The big highlights of the weekend were Colston’s star-studded design panel discussions, featuring renowned architects and designers from Mumbai. Saturday’s panel discussed the topic ‘How do we combine sustainability and luxury in bathroom design?,’ and featured prominent designers and architects Shami Goregaoker of GA Design, Mangesh Jadhav of Nirmitee Architects, Archana Nair of Eidesis Architecture Studios, and Rohini Bagla of Studio R. The panellists explored how modern technology is making the goal of sustainability in bathroom design easier to accomplish, and highlighted the importance of social consciousness of the same to make a lasting change.

Sunday’s panel took on a more forward-looking issue, talking about the future of bathroom features under the heading ‘How can bathroom design evolve to bring wellness facilities into the home?The panel featured architects Natasha Aggarwal from Studio NACL, Rishit Jain from Unit93, Sohil Valia from FNSD Architects, and Bina Bhatia. The panellists shared their insights regarding how bathroom design stands to evolve in the future while incorporating the newer wellness amenities like sauna, spa, and hydrotherapy features, with special reference to how the pandemic has furthered this cause.

“Mumbai is a key city for us due to its multicultural and dynamic market,” said Mr Amit Ahuja, Director of Colston Bath and Spa. “Our Mumbai centre will also serve as a Colston hub for south and west India, while the Delhi centre handles the north and east. Our long term plan is to have an international presence in the next five years,” he shared.

The launch drew extensive industry attention as Colston, an established pan-India brand, marked their first on-ground presence in Mumbai. Mr Amit Ahuja shared that they are excited to be working with clients and designers in the financial capital of the country and that this is just the beginning of Colston’s expansion plans in the future and taking Colston to the world.

About: Established in the year 2000, Colston is the market leader in bathroom design and wellness fittings in India. It has established a prominent presence as an innovative and trusted brand, built on its two decades of expertise in the field of bathroom interiors. Colston seeks to create a new standard of luxury bathing through its range of technological innovations, and world-class design that excels in both aesthetics and functionality.

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