Insperior Architect Feature: McTERRA Architects and Designers

Josu B Sebastian and Collin Jose Thomas

Firm/Studio Name
McTERRA Architects and Designers

How did you come up with the name of your studio?
Mc: Millions of Cycles / Terra: Earth.
We should be that one of them who should consider and understand the overall
the cyclic process of our Planet and its related surroundings with Architecture.

What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.
We believe that each element in the world is beautifully designed. So we love to walk along this line. This enhanced the creation of better spaces. Humble gratitude and happiness of the outcomes for the received opportunities.

What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as a designer?
We started with Residential and Small Commercial projects.

What field of design are you most interested in?
We Believe Design is unlimited, it is an opportunity and we love to fulfil them.

What is your favourite book/magazine on design? How about your favourite site?
Most of the well renowned Books and Magazines worldwide are our Favorites.

What is your Signature Style?
We derive this according to different Sites and their topography; we maintain certain elements in our design considering the good function and aesthetics of the design. These altogether bring out our Signature style.

What inspires you to thrive in this industry? Which piece of architecture inspires you the most.
The happy and satisfied faces living the very much designed spaces. The Joy of seeing our design built.

From your point of view, is design an art or a science?
Design is a combination of Comprising both. Both are well connected in different perspectives.

If you had no limits (money, resources), what would you create?
A Serene Space. Because serenity has no limitations.

What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?
Let your design inspire others. Patience is all that you need.

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