Insperior Architect Feature: Design Boulevard


Firm/Studio Name
Design Boulevard

How did you come up with the name of your studio?
The name is derived from my love for design and nature. The concept of a boulevard always enriches the cityscape as well as the urban architecture that most of us practice today. This in turn has a way of engulfing an interior space or a building, however enchanting it may be, adding to its aesthetic.

What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.
My dream grew from the time I started practicing architecture. The thrill of seeing concepts and drawings transform into reality was an exhilarating experience that pushed me towards architecture and design. It can best be explained as the ability to turn dreams into reality. The process of knowing a person’s specifics wants and needs, molding them into a representation of a design that suits individual personalities, and being able to do this with a vast range of materials available to us accompanied by the satisfaction of seeing our design translate into a reality is a journey that I would choose to experience with every project that we design.

What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as a designer?
I started my journey into this field with small-scale interior design projects and small-scale residential architecture projects. This is where I explored my abilities and strengths in terms of how far I could push myself to delve deeper into the world of design and details.

What field of design are you most interested in?
Architecture and Interior designing forms the core of what I practice. I aspire to achieve immense knowledge in terms of the two, which when combined can transform any space into an aesthetic and functional haven. The most interesting aspect about them lies in the fact that certain simple materials can be used in such eccentric ways that it forms a culture of design on its own.

What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?
Arch Daily, Design Boom, Design Milk, AD (both international and Indian), and Beautiful Homes are a few of the websites that enable the architectural community to stay informed of the various architectural and design theories being practiced around the world.
The books, Bedmar and Shi – Reinventing Tradition in Contemporary Living published by Oscar Riera Ojeda and Modern Tropical – Houses in the Sun written by Byron Hawes are a few books that inspire me to pursue a contextually based architectural language.

What is your Signature Style?
A style that arises from a contextual need shaped by modern and contemporary theories of design is what my work represents.
What inspires you to thrive in this industry? Which piece of architecture inspires you the most.
The notion of having massive opportunities to create and grow in one of the leading industries helps me articulate my thoughts and dreams every day. The ability to positively impact a person’s life through the spaces that we can create strengthens my faith in design.
Thoughtfully minimalist and computative designs which are boundless designs that age gracefully with time and which are in harmony with nature inspire me the most.

From your point of view, is design an art or a science?
Both. Science and technology are utilized to shape materials and materials have boundaries. But the basis of art is to break these boundaries and design helps to achieve this.

If you had no limits (money, resources), what would you create?
I would create spaces that are in harmony with nature. I would create spaces that teach future generations the importance of an environment that enables co-existence with every living being.

What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?
Always be curious to learn.
Be bold to stand your ground.
Stay humble and learn from your mistakes.
Have an observant eye and dream of the utopian reality you can create in architecture.

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